National Archaeological Museum Shop

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is one of the most important museums of ancient Greek art in the world. It is housed in a neoclassical building completed in 1889 under the supervision of the German architect Ernst Ziller. The museum contains countless exhibits, the most important being the gold objects from Mycenae, the wall-paintings from prehistoric Santorini, and an astonishing collection of seven intact kouros statues. It also houses well-known statues of the Classical period, such as the bronze statue of Poseidon and the Antikythera Youth. The museum underwent a radical programme of renovation and modernisation for the 2004 Olympic Games.

A visit to the National Archaeological Museum is in itself a unique experience. An HCO shop has recently been opened inside the museum, making available goods of the highest quality and taste, in keeping with its setting. The items on sale are authentic copies of exhibits on display both in the National Archaeological Museum and in other museums in Greece, manufactured according to ancient techniques. Visitors may choose pottery, sculptures, coins, jewellery wall-paintings, silks, postcards and posters, and also select publications, all of which will be precious souvenirs of their visit to one of the finest museums in the world.

  44, Patission str
GR 106 82 Athens
Τel : + 30210 8225840