Museum shop of Ancient Olympia

One of the most notable panhellenic sanctuaries of ancient times evolved in the western Peloponnese, between the Kronios Hill and the confluence of the Alpheios and Kladeos rivers: the sanctuary of Olympia. Here, in addition to religious ceremonies, were established the Olympic Games, which, as time passed, attracted the interest of all Greeks. The Olympic Games were the supreme expression of the ideal of noble rivalry, and helped over the centuries to forge the unity and identity of the Greek world. Accordingly, the sanctuary in which they were held emerged as one of the greatest panhellenic centres.

The new HCO shop is housed near the archaeological site of the sanctuary of Olympia, one of the most notable panhellenic sanctuaries of ancient times and the cradle of the Olympic spirit. It is located a short distance from the museum that houses notable finds from the site of the sanctuary and from the surrounding area. In the shop are to be found authentic copies of unique exhibits from many Greek museums, as well as modern applications. The emphasis, however, is on objects which, as authentic copies of their originals, promote and give prominence to the special meaning of the sanctuary of Olympia and the games held in it - a meaning that has for centuries expressed the athletic ideal and unity of Greek civilisation.

  Archaeological site of Ancient Olympia
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